Why Us?

Kerry Gibb is what makes Autobiographies by Amber the business that it is. Her belief that everyone’s story deserves telling isn’t just a tagline, it is the essence behind the whole concept. She was just thirteen years old when she wrote her first autobiography as a project for English Literature. Choosing her own grandmother, she learnt more than she could have ever imagined – things that she would have never told her had the questions not been asked. Her interest in the lives of others was sparked, and she never stopped asking questions and learning about the memories, hopes, dreams, and fears of others.

Through her valuable background as a fiction writer, Kerry can empathetically place herself in your shoes and find the tone of your voice. She will journey through your life with you, and objectively portray it before adding the subjective emotion that makes an autobiography such a great read.

Kerry is an experienced writer, as you can see from her It’s A Kid’s Life series and The Elephant Squad. She regularly visits schools to inspire children with her story of how she became an author. She has a passionate belief that telling your own story can inspire others, and she truly wants to help other people to do that. And if you’re still not convinced, then grab yourself a copy of Kayla’s Girls and read about Amber’s journey, as that is what led Kerry to make Autobiographies by Amber a reality.

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